4 Ways of Removing Mold from Grout

The existence of mold can be traced back millions of years ago until this present era but that doesn?t make them a friend of yours and your home. If you have seen or smell one, the best thing you can do is to remove it?earnestly.

Removing Mold from Grout

Molds will continue to exist as long as there are moist places where they can grow both in the inside and the outside. Molds can be usually seen between tiles for the grout used can be porous. This means that water can still penetrate on its surface as what we can usually expect from tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. With such moisture, the surface is more susceptible to these organisms. The same thing can happen to our rooms if it has inadequate ventilation?a perfect place for the molds to develop. Fortunately, there are cleaning services that can offer services for removing such so you can enjoy your home without worrying about developing mold-related infections.


Your cleaning agent must not cause any damage to the tile you are planning to clean. There are abrasive cleaning materials such as bleach and baking soda that you must reconsider before using them on your tiles. You must also assure that you are wearing appropriate gloves to protect your hands, a mask to prevent you from inhaling them, and safety glasses to protect your eyes from splash-back while cleaning. Above all, work in a well-ventilated area.

Mold Removing


Regular chlorine bleach works well to remove mold from grout. If you have colored grout, using bleach may not be a good option for it can affect the color. Do not mix bleach with other cleaning agents too. When cleaning, put the necessary amount of bleach needed directly on the moldy grout by using a toothbrush. Let it sit in as you wait for 30 minutes before you rinse it with warm water. Continue doing the process until you achieve that mold-free grout goal.


Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and will therefore not cause discoloration to your grout. You can try applying this solution using a used bottle of spray and saturate that area with white vinegar. Like the previous solution, you must let it sit in for 30 minutes and scrub them with a brush before you spray again and let it work for another 30 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and continue doing so to achieve the desired result.


Baking soda is an excellent cleaner. If you are aiming to create a paste to be used for cleaning, try stirring ? cup of baking soda to several teaspoons of water. Adjust the water and baking soda content until you reach a desirable consistency and spread it over the grout. Let it sit in for just 10 minutes and scrub it with a brush. Rinse it with water and repeat as necessary.


Once you have your baking soda paste, add another good cleaning agent?hydrogen peroxide to your solution. Spray the right amount so that it will fizz and it will help loosen the mold. Scrub it with a bristle brush and rinse it with water. Repeat the process as needed.


Removing molds is a necessary part of one’s home care and choosing the right agents to clean them for you to play a big part in it. The vinegar, baking soda, chlorine bleach, and hydrogen peroxide can work on the mild ones but can however lose its effect if you?ll encounter stubborn molds along the way. That is why hiring a service agent to clean these molds for you can be also a good thing for they are well-equipped with the right materials and skills to do the cleaning for you.

Furthermore, there might be some mold that can form on the caulking of your sink, tub, faucet, and even toilet. Removing the caulking is a start so you could assess the situation. You can try using the solutions above to get rid of the molds. If they did not work out, using service agents for mold cleaning is a better solution.

You may be able to treat the mold once but since these places are usually humid and susceptible to water, the formation of molds is inevitable. You can try finding mold-resistant caulk that can work best for you and if the mold was already too stubborn to be eliminated using commercial and home solutions, get a service and let them make your home mold and worry-free. This sometimes means replacing the grout entirely.

The amount you may spend from hiring a service agent cannot be compared to the amount you can save for the potential mold-related infections or diseases you might acquire from having them inside and outside your homes. Your safety must always be your top priority.

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