Shower Repairs: Quick-Fix Tips Before Calling in the Repairman

Shower Repairs
Electric water heater on the cement wall in bathroom. Loft style.

Don?t you just hate it when you turn on the shower and the water is freezing cold? It?s one of the worst ways to start your day and it?s all because of a faulty electric shower. Electric showers can exhibit a few problems from time to time, whether it be the heater malfunctioning or insufficient water pressure. If you don?t have the time and you?re in a rush to fix your shower, then these tips might prove useful on your end. Keep in mind that working with electrical components can be quite dangerous. When in doubt, always contact a professional technician for assistance when it comes to shower repairs in Perth WA.

Shower Repairs
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Most common problems with electric showers

Simply put, an electric shower is a type of shower that uses a heating element where electricity runs through it to heat up water. The presence of electric components makes it vulnerable to malfunctioning and knowing how to diagnose problems can really save you from a lot of headaches. Here are some of the most common issues associated with electric showers and how you can fix them.

1. Lukewarm water when showering

Tepid water is a common problem with electric showers and this can be due to a faulty micro-switch or a damaged heating element. To address this, consider replacing the microswitch with a new one and test out the water. If it?s still lukewarm, you may need to replace the entire heating element altogether.

2. Fluctuating water temperatures

Another problem that?s prevalent with electric showers is fluctuating water temperatures. If your electric shower blasts hot and cold water intermittently, it may be due to an insufficient water flow reaching the heating element. Check if the main water valve is fully open to ensure adequate water supply. If your property is suffering from low water pressure, it?s best to contact a plumber as soon as possible.

3. Only cold water is coming out

If only cold water is coming out of your electric shower, the safety switch may be the culprit. This safety device is responsible for cutting off power to prevent the water from reaching extreme temperatures. Contact a professional technician to replace the safety switch and it should be able to provide enough power to heat the water passing through the heating element.

4. Water leaks from the bottom of the shower unit

Too much water pressure can cause water to leak from the bottom of the shower unit. If the shower hose is blocked, it can actually cause the to rise. Electric showers usually come installed with a pressure relief device to manage the pressure. Clearing the blockage will enable you to prevent leaks. It?s best to contact a plumber to address leaks in the shower to prevent them from becoming a recurrent issue.

5. No water is coming out

Often times, it?s the solenoid valve that?s preventing water from coming out of the electric shower. This valve uses a coil to control the flow of water and if the coil breaks, the valve shuts off. Solving this problem is a matter of replacing the coil so that sufficient water flow reaches your shower.

More serious problems with electric showers

Electric showers can prove hazardous if you?re not well-versed with electrical safety guidelines. 

When you encounter these problems with your electric shower, do not operate it and contact a technician right away.

  • Trip switch keeps shutting off the shower – If you keep turning on the shower and the electricity keeps tripping out, it?s likely that water is coming in contact with the wiring. Avoid turning on the shower control and refer the issue to a qualified repairman.
  • Burning smell – A wiring problem is what contributes to a burning smell and in this instance, you should turn off the electric shower immediately.

Shower coming loose off the wall – An electric shower that?s coming loose off the wall is very dangerous as there is as strong electric current running through it. Water can also reach the wirings and contribute to even bigger problems. Disconnect the electricity at the mains and contact an experienced technician to put back the electric shower into place.

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