Bathroom remodeling should be carried out strategically and carefully by trusted professionals. Even the slightest mistakes when installing pipes or tiles can give you severe damage, causing you to do more repairs and replacements. 

Here are some of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes and how to deal with them. 

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Poor ventilation 

Ventilation helps a lot with controlling the steam inside bathrooms. If you have poor ventilation, your area will be prone to unwanted mud and rot. Not only that, but there will be a great chance of odors lingering inside your bathroom. 

If you have poor ventilation even after having your bathroom remodeled, attempt to find the root of the issue. If you discover it to be a jammed fan, then you can potentially solve the problem yourself. 

  1. Remove bathroom fan grill: Most bathroom fans are fastened through spring clips, and you can easily remove them in seconds.
  2. Detach the fan motor: For this next step, you will first need to remove the vent plug and use a screwdriver to unfasten the motor. 
  3. Clean the fan motor: With a small brush, get rid of all the dirt and dust that are causing your fan to malfunction. If you have cleaned the fan motor and the ventilation still isn’t working well, you will have to check the exhaust duct. For this, use duct cleaning rods or wet-dry vacuums. 
  4. Assemble the fan: Once you have thoroughly cleaned the fan or exhaust duct, you can now proceed to put the fan and grill back. 

You may also solve your problem by replacing the fan. You will need a fan that will run one cubic foot per minute (CFM) for every square root of your bathroom. To avoid mistakes, make sure to double or triple measure your bathroom floors. If you really want quality ventilation, find a fan with some special features, such as one that will not generate too much noise and can detect humidity levels.

However, if the chief concern appears to be an overall poorly installed ventilation, it would be best to contact an expert. 

Faulty drains 

Another problem you might encounter is faulty drains. You may learn that water is not draining as fast or well as you hoped. Some reasons why this is happening may either be because of wrong water flow or clogged pipes. 

Although your drains appear to be clean and brand new, you don’t know the issues within your pipes. In that case, you may be dealing with undersized or disintegrated ones. Since these concerns will be more challenging to handle, you will have to get in touch with a drainage expert. 

Misplaced/ cracked tiles 

Finding a misplaced or cracked tile immediately after a renovation is definitely upsetting. Other problems regarding tiles include damaged grout and unnecessary spaces between tiles. 

Although tiles are positioned on the floor and are not often looked at, damages do not go unnoticed. Fixing all those problems calls for the right equipment and skill. Therefore, talking to a shower and tile repair contractor will make your life easier. 

However, if you have all the needed tools and equipment to replace a broken tile, here’s how you will do it: 

  1. Remove the grout surrounding the broken tile using a grout scraper.
  2. Cover the tile with a piece of cloth and smash it with a hammer. Please be mindful of the force you will put into it to prevent damaging neighboring tiles. 
  3. The next step is to eliminate all the previously applied adhesives using a heavy-duty scraper or chisel tool. 
  4. Clean the area with a vacuum for a smoother layer. 
  5. Spread the adhesive using a trowel. 
  6. Evenly spread the tile further using a notched trowel for better grip. 
  7. Carefully position the tile and let it set.
  8. Apply the grout around the new tile, leave it to set, and clean the area. 

Inadequate storage 

There may be instances where the remodeling has solely focused on the design of your bathroom rather than prioritizing functionality. Unfortunately, this lack of planning and proper layout will only result in unorganized bathrooms, with scattered items everywhere. 

This will be very difficult to manage because having inadequate storage space might require you to have another remodeling. However, one thing you can do is add some extensions to your counter or detachable storage pieces like baskets and organizers.

Specifically, can can do do the following: 

  1. Install more shelves 
  2. Optimize cabinet doors by attaching magnetic or adhesive hooks and baskets 
  3. Mount towel racks on your walls
  4. Allot a separate room for bathroom cleaning supplies 
  5. Transform your mirrors into cabinets 

Cheap materials

Another frustrating issue you may be dealing with is having cheaply installed appliances inside your bathroom. This may mean receiving easily damaged faucets or showerheads. 

In solving the problem, you may want to contact the remodeling company.

Unsatisfactory lighting 

You should be able to see your face and body while inside the bathroom. Having good lighting will also help with the relaxing ambiance and peace you crave for when having a warm bath. If the bathroom remodeling team did not give you such, there are a number of ways you can go about it without doing any construction work: 

  1. Change your light bulbs 
  2. Add vanity lights to your mirror 

However, if you are willing to spend extra to hire a team, here are your choices: 

  1. Add ceiling windows for more daylight 
  2. Install decorative or task lighting 
  3. Fix up some dimmers
Bathroom Remodeling Perth


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